The Stipticcube is a result of a series of generated investigations, concentrating on using parametric design and scripting techniques to create directed intelligence as a way of form-finding. Using object oriented programming with parametric design tools we investigate how these emergent systems can feed into the discourse of architecture in order to evaluate new methods of making. The investigations focus on adapting bioluminescent behavior found in nature (panellus stipticus belonging to the fungi- mushroom family) to create a parasitic building element, which registers various environmental parameters such as proximity and occupancy. .

Luciferases (agent) + Luciferin (pigment) --> Light.

Process : Scripting using Grasshopper and Generative Components for generating parametric tessellations. Visualisation using MODO and Maya. The Stipticcube was 3d printed and then calibrated with Arduino sensors to detect the proximity and occupancy around the cube.

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